Author: Sandra Julian Barker

Category: Christian Romance

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Three 6,000 year-old bodies are discovered frozen in a glacier in Austria.Where were they going? What were their thoughts on that day so long ago? When Beth Leyton, a budding anthropologist, discov­ers the answers, they have a surprising affect on her 21st century life. Beth’s personal struggles parallel that of Jaen, a young woman from the ancient past who is on a quest of her own. Jaen is traveling across the mountains, leaving her dear family to join Baarak, the man she loves. What will her new life be like?Jaen and Beth live 6,000 years apart — yet the journeys they are each taking are not really so different. Human nature and the needs of men and women over the centuries have changed very little. The same Creator is active in both lives. The ancient past comes alive, mingling with the present as Beth is led to a gripping reality.