Italian Moms by Elisa Costantini

Author: Elisa Costantini, Frank Costantini

Category: Cooking & Drinks

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Tried-and-true Italian food from a mom who knows what it means to cook from the heart.
In her debut cookbook, Elisa Costantini collects her tried and true recipes for Italian favorites in one place, sharing them with anyone who has an interest in making phenomenal meals for the people they love.
Prepare for your family and friends to flock to the table when you serve these authentic Italian classics from someone who knows what it means to cook with love.
Whether it’s antipasti, timballo, roasted lamb, or classic Italian desserts, this debut cookbook contains all you need to make the most beloved dishes form Italy.
Winner of the 2017 Reader’s Favorite® Award
“One bite of Elisa’s Scripelle Mbusse and I felt like I was transported back to my great grandmother’s kitchen. These are the kind of meals that chefs live for, the recipes and flavors that first awakened their love of food. You follow these recipes to create more than a meal, you follow them to recreate memories through flavor. She is a master of old world Italian cuisine, and this is the type of cookbook that never leaves my kitchen.” —Chef Michael Favacchia, Marly’s of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Winner of the Best of Main Line Award
“Cook like an Italian mom! After a boost on The Rachael Ray Show, Elisa Costantini’s Italian Moms has become fall’s ‘it’ cookbook! The 78-year-old Abruzzo native shares her tried-and-true favorite dishes, including savory fried polenta, prosciutto stuffed red peppers and a tempting Nutella tart!”—Woman’s World