It Was Always You by Alexa Rivers

Author: Alexa Rivers

Category: Romantic Suspense

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The first heartbreak cuts the deepest…

Dr. Avery Brown learned that lesson the hard way, but she’s not the same naïve, disillusioned girl she used to be. She’s older, wiser, and too busy revolutionizing forensic science to indulge in ‘what ifs’.

When her breakthrough puts her in the crosshairs of a killer, she’s forced to accept help from the man responsible for making her a cynic. Enduring Sergeant Gareth Wayland’s company would be easier if the protective policeman weren’t so damnably gorgeous—and if she didn’t remember their good times as well as the bad.

With every passing day, the lingering attraction becomes harder to resist, and the memories of the past reawaken long dormant emotions. But can Avery trust Gareth—and love—enough risk her heart for a second chance at happily ever after? And with a killer on their heels, will she even be alive for long enough to try?

It Was Always You is a steamy small-town romance. If you like second chances, hot cops, and a touch of suspense, then start reading the third book in Alexa Rivers’ Little Sky Romance series.