It Takes a Village by Hannah Ellis

Author: Hannah Ellis

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Take a trip to Hope Cove, the wonderful seaside village in Devon. The perfect escape for stunning scenery, glorious sunshine and the County’s best scones! For Leo, it’s a place to return to. His hometown is now the place he’ll raise his daughter. The surprise daughter who was a result of a fling with a woman he barely knows. Thrust into the world of single parenting, he’s in over his head, but at least he’s surrounded by old friends to help him out.For Caitlin, it’s a place to visit as a favour to a friend. All she has to do is check that the baby her friend gave up is being well looked after, then she’ll leave again quickly.At least that was the plan.When she feels an immediate attraction to Leo, all plans go out of the window. Drawn into spending more time with him and baby Alice, Caitlin finds herself falling head over heels for the pair of them.But to be with Leo, she’ll have to betray her closest friend.Is she willing to risk losing her friend for a shot at love? And is she ready for the complications of a relationship with a single father, regardless of how right it feels? Read more