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Master the Iron Palm technique with this comprehensive 270 page illustrated program.

This book will introduce you to an extensive program for your
Iron Palm training and developing the conditioning requisite to breaking bricks and

After a year of this training you will be ready to learn the actual fighting skill
to apply this conditioning. In this manual we keep to the conditioning only.

The manual includes a complete & accurate translation of Iron Palm by master Yuan Chu Cai.

As an introduction I have decided to include selected excerpts from “Iron
Palm in 100 Days” and to outline some additional forms of Chinese Gong that
you can use in your personal program. Many of these additional methods come
from the 72 Shaolin methods but there are many other sources included also.

A message about realistic expectations, Iron Palm requires a minimum
commitment of 30 minutes per day plus warm up and massage. This is for the
training of hands only. If you decide to train Iron Arm also this will require
another 30 minutes per day. Iron Body will require yet another 30 minutes plus
massage and meditations. So this is a commitment of two to three hours daily to
Qi Gong. On top of this 3-4, forty-five minute weight training sessions should
be done per week, a daily stretching routine and daily cardio with a jump rope
or kettlebell.

So you see there is a great deal of dedication and time involved in becoming
a master of Qi Gong Martial Arts. The reward is remarkable ability.