Author: Kathryn Jane

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Do Not Tell Me No – When a mature, kick-ass woman is determined to find her family, and rescue a misunderstood horse, the special agent assigned to keep her safe from a group of inept organized criminals, is in for the ride of his life.Touch Me – Shattered by the murder of her father, Grace Taylor has lost her passion for life, and swears she’ll never dance again, until a telepathic connection with a stranger sparks feelings, fears, and memories she can’t escape.Daring to Love – Nearly broken and barely recovered from a failed mission, when Liz hears a child’s telepathic cry for help, she’s not only forced to work with the man who broke her heart, but also face an unthinkable connection to her own dark secrets.Voices – Rachel Meyers has been on the run, hiding from her husband and his family, but when murder continues to dog her she’s forced to take a stand and the only person she can trust to help is the one she ran away from.Lies – Liz kept her secrets safe for decades, but when a doggedly determined investigator is determined to find out what she knows about a missing million dollar horse, even her grumpy old cat can’t save her.All She Wanted – Angie has guarded the identity of her son’s father for fourteen years, but lately, her wish for them to live like a real family has been growing legs. Pushing gently isn’t working, so it’s time to up the ante.