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The Epic Saga that Began with Through the Fury to the Dawn Continues with a Fearful Journey into the Heart of Darkness.Former police officer Kane Lorusso is desperate. Driven half mad by chronic sleep deprivation and constant dehydration, Kane finds himself endlessly haunted by memories of his lost family and the friend he allowed to die. He and his friends—an aging, professional athlete; a warrior boy and his wolfish beast; and a resiliently faithful woman—cling to hope as they try to lead and protect a ragtag group of survivors who have taken shelter at the Emergency Radio Control Station on the coast of South Carolina. As the group struggles to scavenge resources and food and collect what precious water remains, they continue to broadcast a message of hope to anyone who can hear it. But as tensions rise and tempers flare, Kane’s faith begins to slip. Indispensable comrades are forced to depart, and the fragile makeshift community trembles on the brink of oblivion as they are forced to fight for their lives against vicious mutants who by night try to breach the walls of the compound to taste their flesh.And if this weren’t enough, a terrible evil believed vanquished swells once again with hateful power as it waits for the perfect opportunity to strike, burning its cruel vengeance into the weary souls of all who would dare oppose it.**One hundred percent of the profits from every physical and digital book sold in the Action of Purpose series will go toward combating the epidemic of sex trafficking in the United States. Buy any book in this series and a contribution will be made to faith-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to stopping the sex trafficking of women and children and assisting in the recovery of those affected by this evil practice.**