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?5000+ copies sold! New and Improved 2023 Edition Released!? BONUS INCLUDED: Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for BeginnersWould you like to be in shape even if you have turned 50 and say goodbye to that feeling of bloating, heaviness and constant tiredness?

Are you tired of dieting without getting results?

? Intermittent fasting can be the right solution for you too! ?

When a woman reaches the age of 50, hormone levels change, influencing our metabolism. The body no longer responds as it always had and, without even realizing it, we begin to gain weight.

Traditional diets begin to fail because your body has changed.

?? What works at 30s won't work at 50s, because your body responds differently to the triggers you give it.

I wrote this book specifically for women over 50, after having experimented for years, on myself and then on my girl-friends, this fantastic mechanism: intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting means that the body is not fed for a long enough period of time (typically 12, 16 or 20 hours).But why would this make you lose weight?

The explanation is simple: our body, when fasting, is "forced" to draw on the reserve of fat for energy. This reactivates the metabolism and our body will consume more and faster ??

Intermittent fasting is a small revolution that frees your body from metabolic acidosis and toxins, and also from frustrating and useless diets.

? Another advantage, compared to traditional diets, is that you don't have to weigh every food you eat, or prepare different things for yourself than for your family. You can eat normally, without overdoing it. The important thing is that you do the fasting intervals in your plan ??

Intermittent fasting works! Try it and you won't regret it

Here's what you'll find in this book:

? What is Intermittent Fasting and why it works.

? Major body changes in women over 50 and why Intermittent Fasting works well for women over 50.

? Pros and cons of Intermittent Fasting.

? The different types of Intermittent Fasting and their features.

? The strategy for finding the Intermittent Fasting plan that is a perfect fit for you.

? 7 mistakes to avoid in order to be successful with Intermittent Fasting (almost everyone makes them).

? Helpful tips, from those who have been there before, for dealing with the tough days. You don't have to give up!

? 100 healthy but tasty recipes. No bland dishes! Even healthy dishes can be very tasty.

? 10 exercises to do at home in a short time during your Intermittent Fasting.

? 12 best mobile apps to measure, track and analyze your Intermittent Fasting.

? A special gift for you, to eat with taste but without gaining weight (surprise!)

...And much more!

Intermittent Fasting is undoubtedly an effective strategy with many positive effects on your health and well-being.

With the help of this guide, based on my personal experience, you will find all the right information to reactivate your metabolism and regain energy and vitality.

You'll regain the self-confidence and well-being you've been looking for ??

? Order your copy and start your change NOW!?