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Your search for answers is over.You own a stack of self-help books and you’ve watched plenty of motivational videos, but do you still worry about the future? Are you still looking for peace of mind? There are thousands of voices claiming to know the secret to happiness, but how do you know which one is true?Most self-help books try to tell you that you need to change yourself. In Search of Truth is not one of those books. This practical guide has helped thousands of leaders, parents, and students feel more confident in who they are now and who they are destined to be, NO CHANGE REQUIRED. In Search of Truth will teach you how to clear your mind and accept reality.“You will see the world and other people differently after you finish reading. You will be calmer, happier, and more astute in interacting with other people and situations.” “If you follow the methodology and practices in this book, particularly with family members and those you frequently interact with, life will become simpler and less stressful. At least that has been my experience”Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi has spent the last 20 years working with business executives, coaching young adults, and researching leadership theories from history’s greatest thinkers. In this book, Dr. Jacob shares insightful stories that helped him:Discover the root cause of stress and worryLearn faster by thinking lessCreate sustainable happinessApproach problems logicallyLead without forcing changeSee yourself perfectly without being a perfectionistTruth drive progress, truth yields results, and truth shapes reality. The truth to your happiness is hiding in plain sight, are you ready to open your eyes?Scroll up to the top of the page and order your copy now!

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