In Like Flynn by Emma Lea

Author: Emma Lea

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: April 08, 2021

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Alcohol, getting dumped and a smart phone were not a good mix.

Peyton Sheppard thought her world was just weeks away from being perfect. The future she had always dreamed about was within her grasp - the perfect guy, the perfect wedding, the perfect house in the suburbs. That was until her fiancé ran off and married a Las Vegas showgirl.
To say she was a bit miffed was perhaps an understatement. Still, an ill-advised video uploaded to Facebook shouldn’t have meant the end of her life as she knew it.
Flynn Devereaux loved his life just the way it was, thank you very much. He was not at all impressed when his editor insisted he do a blog series on the woman whose meltdown went viral. The absolute last thing he needed - or wanted - was to try and get her to fall in love with him because of some ridiculous bet made on national television. But what was a guy to do? A challenge was a challenge and maybe he could limit the humiliation that was sure to follow both of them during the fallout of said challenge.
He didn’t believe in love or happily-ever-after and she was done with the whole husband, marriage, white picket fence thing so there was no chance of either of them falling in love…

*This is a Too Hot to Handle Romance on the Emma Lea rating scale - These are definitely 18+ reads and contain graphic sex scenes and high level swearing – not for the faint of heart