Author: Sylvie Fox

Category: Erotic Romance

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He wants to hook up. I want to settle down. How do I tell him he's going to be a father...I swear to God on my parents’ graves that I had no plans for a hookup when I left the house.  Zero. Nada. None. I assumed I’d get buzzed on a few drinks, look at the stars above Hollywood from the hillside party house, look at the actual movie stars dancing inside, then go back to my post-divorce celibacy. Alcohol and common sense are sworn enemies, though. So when my ex’s former intern wandered on the deck and wrapped me in his warm leather jacket, I was hooked. Despite our age difference, I found myself on his living room floor, his head between my…you get the picture. We made a deal…friends with benefits. That was all well and really, really effing good until he went from hookup buddy to potential baby daddy. I just have to work up the courage to tell him or dump him. I want this baby, but I don’t want to tie Nick down when his life is just getting started…

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