Author: Lotta Smith

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Serial murder with a sick ritual...The most unusual way to use Eggs Benedict...The mismatched duo's race against time...FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Former London socialite Kelly Kinki doesn’t always see eye to eye with her sexy-as-hell boss Michael Archangel, but she’ll follow the brilliant, cross-dressing detective anywhere to help solve their latest case. Kelly was happy to lay her rep as the Dragon Lady to rest when she moved across the pond, but to catch an eyeball snatching serial killer she’ll have to put her skills at fire breathing to the test once again. A gruesome autopsy, a visit with her ex, and a shocking encounter with a killer compete for craziest day on the job, but nothing can hold a candle to a glimpse of her boss in the buff. Can Kelly and Archangel solve the case? The ayes have it. PI’s that is.