Author: Tom E. Moffatt

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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A seriously good way to get kids reading…With a whopping 500 original jokes crammed-full of puns and word-plays, this 230-page book will get kids reading and show them how much fun language can be. They'll even improve their vocabulary and thinking skills along the way.These clean family-friendly jokes are divided into fun categories, making them easier to find and share. Brief introductions from the author explain how the jokes were inspired and constructed, and over 100 hilarious illustrations bring the jokes to life.If laughter is the best medicine, this book is a seriously good cure. Suitable for jokesters aged 7 to 107.Side effects may include uncontrollable giggles, side-splitting laughter and incessant joke-telling. You’ll find the following jokes and hundreds more…Where is the milk always fresher?On the udder side How do you get your arm down a toilet?U-bend itDoctor, doctor, I think I’m a library book.Okay, I’m just going to check you outWhat does fun do at school?LessensWhy did Snow White win referee of the year?Click LOOK INSIDE for this punchline and many more of the funniest jokes for children aged 8-12 and beyond…