Author: Robin Hardwick

Category: Humor

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If you were a teen during the mid-eighties to to mid-nineties, chances are you have read a Sweet Valley High book. You may have discovered them at your local library, their soft-focus, pictures of beautiful blond twins beckoned you. They seemed sophisticated, dangerous. You probably were on the cusp of starting high school and couldn't stop reading anything and everything about what high school was like. You dreamed of boyfriends, dances, adulthood! If You Lived Here,You’d Be Perfect Right Now chronicles author and retro pop culture enthusiast Robin Hardwick rereading the entire series and document a grown woman's view of the angst and absurdity of the lives of the perfect Wakefield twins Each book of the series is revisited with equal parts sociological lens, parody, and sardonic nostalgia. More about Robin Hardwick:Robin is a freelance writer based in Oakland, CA. If You Lived Here You'd Be Perfect By Now is based on her popular blog, Robin also enjoys writing sketch comedy, watching documentaries, pop culture nostalgia, and cults (learning, not joining). You can find her on twitter at @robinhardwick.