Author: Simon Northouse

Category: Humor

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Sixteen celebrities, four teams, a tropical island in the South Pacific and only one rule… survival at any cost! What could possibly go wrong?

Will Harding is looking forward to his stint on the reality TV show, I Will Survive, like a hole in the head. Against the scheme from the beginning, his fatalistic pessimism is gathering momentum.

Enduring unrelenting heat, humidity, hunger, killer coconuts, flesh-eating land crabs, wild boars, and idiotic challenges is going to be a tough gig. Putting up with his three argumentative and dysfunctional bandmates for an entire month will be even harder!

Events take an unexpected turn when he strikes up a close relationship with a mesmerising woman, and also meets an arch-enemy from another team. He experiences two galvanising emotions… infatuation and revenge!

As his team bumble and stumble from disaster to calamity, Will accidentally reveals a dark secret that threatens to tear his band apart.

Is their shooting star about to implode, or can they come together and pull off the greatest miracle since Moses decided he didn't want to get his feet wet?

A full-length standalone novel in the Shooting Star Series from the author of the hilarious bestseller "Nuts At Christmas".