Author: Madeleine Boskovitz Ph.D

Category: Parenting & Family

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I WANT TO BE ME BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM A Guidebook for Teens and Young Adults Great resource for both teen boys and teen girls! • Book is addressed to teens and young adults! • Down-to-earth, respectful language! • Makes sense of teenage life and experience! • Offers tips and tools for building self-confidence! • Promotes self-esteem and resilience! • Encourages sound decision-making and goal-setting! • Fosters positive teen empowerment! • Helps optimize teen and young adult identity development! • Great tool for parents, educators, counselors, and therapists! • Helpful for adults struggling with identity and personality issues! I Want To Be Me But I Don't Know Who I Am offers an authentic approach to its readers. It gives them the tools to cultivate their inner freedom and assume responsibility for themselves.