I Travel by Night and Last Train from Perdition by Robert R. McCammon

Author: Robert R. McCammon

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Two short novels featuring the vampiric gunslinger who seeks vengeance and justice across the Old West, from the New York Times–bestselling master of horror.
He was once a husband, father, lawyer, and Civil War soldier. Now he is a vampire struggling to hold onto his last thread of humanity—and to destroy the one who made him.
In I Travel by Night, Trevor Lawson handles matters from his lair at the Hotel Sanctuaire in New Orleans. When a prominent lumber man comes to him for help—to find and free his kidnapped daughter—Trevor senses a trap, for the man who signed the ransom note is one he knows too well. Traveling towards a ghost town in the dark of the swamps, Trevor soon finds himself preparing for a final showdown against the purest form of evil in existence: the Dark Society and its bloodthirsty queen.
With his new sidekick, Ann Kingsley, Trevor travels to Montana in Last Train from Perdition. When they try to free a young man from an outlaw gang, an innocent woman is caught in the crossfire. To save her life—and bring their captured fugitives to justice—Trevor and Ann take the train to Helena, never expecting the ambush that awaits them. For an army of the undead has gathered in the snowy darkness with a very special surprise for Ann: a reunion with her father and sister, who no longer resemble the humans she once loved.
“Perfect for Deadwood fans and those who enjoy the American Vampire graphic-novel series by Scott Snyder. Clear a couple of hours, you’ll want to devour this in one sitting.” —Booklist