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Saint’s heart was in shambles. You know that man didn’t want to fall in love, and, man, I swear I didn’t want to fall in love with him. Love was hard. Love always hurt. I didn’t want to feel anything. But Saint came into my life and made my heart feel everything. After meeting Saint, I finally understand why storms are named after people. Saint was beautiful, frightening and mysterious. I was so afraid to love someone like him. The moments when he was quiet were very few, but most of the time, that man’s soul was lit. He fought with me and loved me at the same time. I respected him but checked him, too, for the most part. I was in love with a fuckin’ hurricane. But he wasn’t like a storm you’d run from; he was more like the kind that you chase. Still, I should have taken cover. But I kept on going back for more it seemed. Before I even knew that I was in love with him, I did everything that I could to be around him. Wherever he went, I was right there. We ate together, drank together, laughed together, turnt up on muthafuckas together. Remember when I threw that got-damn knife at Priscilla’s throat? Saint taught me that. He and his crew tortured peopleu to death on the regular and sometimes I got to watch and learn. As dangerous as it was, I loved my life with Saint and his crew. But all that was about to change.- Kourtney Chambers