Author: Cameron Jace

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Fans of Divergent, Hunger Games and the Maze Runner will crave this world of dark secrets, intrigue and thirst for a better tomorrow. Every girl dies - not every girl really lives! I am not my heart rate. I am not my sleeping problems. I am not my stress. I am not my fears. I am not how I look like. I am the very essence of me. I am my will. My passion. My beliefs. I am how much I can give and receive love. I am infinite and possible & unpredictable... I AM ALIVE! Where Decca Tenderstone lives she is considered a monster, the lowest rank in Faya, where teenagers are ranked on a scale from one to ten on their sixteenth birthday. There's never been a Ten., but Six and above are permitted to live and grow up into adulthood. Five and below become monsters and are brutally killed for entertainment by the Summit. Period. But Decca is different. She refuses to give in. And when she meets the mysterious Leo Van Ark, who, in spite of being a Nine, is also hunted by Summit, she has a stronger reason to survive. Will Decca and Leo ever make it, though no monster has ever survived? Will Leo open up to get and tell her about his secret? Will they change the world together? And most important of all, could Decca become the first Ten in Faya ever?