Author: Kevin L. Williams

Category: Horror

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Dangerous predators stalk the streets of San Antonio, Texas. They kill without remorse, pity, or regard. And, humans are their prey. If you cross their path…you die!Alex Stone is an ordinary woman, drawn by a call from the PACK. This call awakens a savage, animal yearning that has lain dormant all her life. During a covert mission in the jungles of Panama, Navy SEAL Captain Elijah Moore, stumbles across a strange and savage beast that attacks his military unit. After Eli returns home, his father is killed by the same kind of animals. When Homicide Detective Dana Adams responds to the scene of the savage murders of homeless residents, she learns the killers are not human. They are…WEREWOLVES. Three people. Drawn together by fate and destiny.Will Alex retain her humanity or give in to the animal inside? Can Eli hunt the beasts who slaughtered his unit and killed his father? Is there time for Dana to stop the predators stalking her city streets? HUNTED is the first novel in an epic new series. Fans of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain Trilogy will enjoy this exciting, roller-coaster, horror/action novel by Kevin L. Williams!!Buy HUNTED to enter this dangerous world today!

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