Author: B.L. Bierley

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**If you like Steve Martin, Woody Allen, or P.G. Wodehouse, then there's a chance you'll like this book!** Get your favorite bottle of Scotch and sit down with this book. Then, drink all the Scotch, get another bottle, drink that one, too, and wake up the next afternoon and go get a carwash. The rhythmic pumping and swooshing of the brushes will ease your troubled mind. Plus it's dark in there. Then later, when you get home, suddenly remember that you bought this book. Then read it! This book is designed to tell you not just HOW to write your first book, but WHAT to write your first book and WHO to write your first book. Featuring pages on Chapters, Words, Plagiarism and Quotes, among others, it's the all-in-one resource for you to... think... about... Sorry, I realized I ran out of Scotch. Anyway, read this book and make your dreams come true! Or just read this book, if you have to pick one of those things. Dreams are great, but, seriously, I'd prefer you read this book.