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Are you looking for a detailed guideline on how to talk to your child so that they will listen to you and learn from you.Helping Your Child Grow into Success in Life is a must read for parents of children of any age.  It is never too late for children or adults to learn the most basic fundamentals of living a successful life.  This book begins with the most basic of steps—respect.  Respect for themselves, respect for others, respect for you—if you get the point that respect is the first stepping stone, you are right.This book explores the layers of learning that are imperative.  From the very basic as above to the more artful task of talking to and with preteens and teenagers in a way that first of all gets their attention; then secondly, keeps it. No one said being a parent is easy.  If they did, they are either 1) not a parent, or 2) don’t understand children at all.  In order to change an unacceptable behavior, that behavior must be identified, addressed, and modified into what is acceptable.  While it is easy to point a finger at an unruly child, it is more difficult for the parent to realize that the behavior is often caused by the parent themselves.In other words, the parent must change their own behavior before they can even start to change the targeted behavior in the child.  This book will give you the basics of this process, and it is a must-read for anyone who is thinking of having children, has children, or is a grandparent.