Author: Suzanne Asaff Blankenship

Category: Health & Self

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How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles, written by someone who has walked the path, is just the eldercare GPS you need. This award-winning book has the useful guidance you'll want whether you're knee-deep in eldercare now, or see it coming down the road.

A practical guide to eldercare that you can read in one night, Blankenship leaves you with an organized plan in your toolbox and a smile on your face. Chock full of helpful tips, actionable to-do lists and great resources - perfect for anyone responsible for the care of an aging parent, in-law, friend or relative. It makes a great gift too.

When you are traveling the challenging journey of eldercare, you don't have time for thick tomes and philosophical pondering, you want real help. Blankenship provides it - in a short, comprehensive book that you can refer to again and again as vexing topics land in your path.

Often stressful and overwhelming, eldercare is punctuated by emergencies. Why wait for the next elder emergency? This book prepares you BEFORE the next emergency. You'll have tools and tips to implement immediately that lighten your load and bring some relief to your journey.