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Do you feel that your marriage is crumbling?Do you want to stop having the same fight with your partner repeatedly?Do you wish your partner would understand your needs and put more effort into the relationship?

If yes, then keep reading!

Truth is


takes plenty of work. That is why


is the art of not only falling in love but




for the rest of your life. However, making your relationship




requires a new approach that goes beyond outdated

gender roles,


styles of


, and

unhealthy communication

. The


marriage model states that a couple cannot sustain a healthy relationship by expecting

50/50 input

from each other. Therefore, it moves beyond


and towards

radical generosity; it

asks, can you do your best in the relationship and consider it a

gift to your partner?

How can you adopt the 80/80 model and become

a better listener

to your spouse, and what is this model's secret to creating

ground-breaking intimacy

between you and your partner? Furthermore, are you someone who knowingly or unknowingly


your partner's


and wants a way out of the


To explore this further, what are some ways couples can

open the doors to communication

? How important is it to foster


and not

shift blame

onto one another? How can you make your partner feel more


in the relationship and allow them to

reveal their true self

or be vulnerable? Also, how to better love your spouse by learning their

love languages

, and how to state your



love fears

as the spouse who feels under-appreciated? Also, did you know that some

'sticky' roles

in your marriage might kill your relationship? Do you assume you have to be great at one task, and all will work out? The 80/80 model talks about the

right division of roles

through conscious


cleanup and intentional division of roles to avoid situations where partners feel like they are

contributing too much or too little.

Lastly, how often have you desired intimacy with your spouse but are too tired from a long day? The book will surprise you with the

"wing it

" approach to


and intimacy. However, not before asking you, did you know there is an

'upper limit'

to love in all relationships? And you must be wary of it?To sum this up, by reading this book, you will learn:• How can the 80/80 model be used to move away from fairness and towards radical generosity in marriage?• How to stop having the same hurtful fights over and over again and communicate better?• Why should you stop controlling your spouse?• What are some actionable tricks to become a better listener?• How to stop your sex life from suffering in this busy life?Maybe you wish to


with your


after a huge fight, or maybe you feel like your marriage is just one fight away from

falling apart

. Maybe you love your partner but are

afraid of communicating your needs

. Maybe you want to understand why your partner is good to you for a few days and then fall back into

old patterns. If yes, scroll up,

click the

"Buy Now"

Button, and learn how to

resolve issues with your partner and save your marriage before it is too late.