How to Respond to Disaster by Bill Johnson

Author: Bill Johnson

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Jesus is your model and example on how to deal with every crisis and circumstance.

You were never created to react to your circumstances! It’s easy to do, and we all fall prey to that mindset. Whether it’s personally or globally, we want to immediately react in knee-jerk fashion to the crises we are experiencing. The problem is we start to pray from a place of crisis, fear, and anxiety.  When you know who the Father is and what He says about what you are going through, you can pray from a place of confidence. You can stand strong, even when everything seems to be shaking around you.

Pastor Bill Johnson delivers a timely reminder that we are called to respond to disaster by first, knowing who Father God is, and then, responding to Him in the midst of what we are going through.

Discover: How to be unshakably rooted in who the Father is.How a revelation of Jesus reveals the Father’s heart, will, and voice.How to respond to your every problem like Jesus would, from disease to money to possessions.How to know the difference between God being in control and God being in charge.How to disarm the powers of hell with thanksgiving. Prepare your heart for a fresh encounter with the goodness of God.  In the midst of disaster and crisis, settle your mind in the unchangeable truths of who God is, what Jesus revealed about the Good Father, and how Jesus dealt with the circumstances He faced while walking the Earth. After all, Jesus is your model and example!