Author: Amanda L. Zeine, DO, FAAP

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Are you unhappy with your weight, body, or health issues? Have you tried and failed multiple “diets” that promise a gorgeous body or spent a fortune trying to have that body the media portrays as perfect? Are you suffering from health issues like insulin resistance/pre-diabetes, diabetes, elevated bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, or irritable bowel syndrome? These ailments or frustrations can all benefit from improving your overall health and wellness.
Hot Mess to Wellness is not a diet or exercise book. Nor is it a quick fix or easy way to get skinny. This book is written for the average person who feels “fat” and sluggish, who can’t seem to lose weight or increase energy despite trying again and again, and needs some advice and motivation or that push to take the first step. Author and physician, Amanda Zeine, takes you along on her journey to wellness after a traumatic injury.

Learn about Dr. Zeine’s 7 Pillars of wellness
Sleep and the importance of restful sleep
Ditching the diet and learning what foods are actually healthy
Moving your body
Surrounding yourself with supportive and positive people

So many people feel stuck in their slump and don't often have a permanent and sustainable way to feel good. Whether it be bad eating, poor exercise habits or an injury that keeps you from feeling your healthiest self, author Amanda Zeine takes the reader through a journey to not only feel your best self physically but mentally too.

A person's struggle can include many factors and Hot Mess to Wellness is the motivation you need to understand wellness as a whole. Change your life by reading this book and incorporate the 7 pillars into your everyday life to feel the best you have in years.

It's a journey not a sprint to change your life for the better and physician and author Amanda Zeine has the directions to get you to your ultimate destination.

Take your first step now by buying Hot Mess to Wellness!