Author: Cam Larson

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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In a few days, Laila will be flying home to visit her family for Christmas. But she's finally sitting down to a nice dinner with Daniel, the cute paramedic. But before they can get two bites in, a scream echoes from the kitchen. There's a dead Santa in the freezer that the repairman just unlocked!The owner of the restaurant is now the prime suspect, and probably guilty as far as Laila is concerned. But, he's Daniel's best friend, so, for Daniel's sake, Laila sets out to prove the owner innocent. But she's not sure that's even possible, especially when he kisses her when Daniel leaves -yuck!And besides all of that, she needs to find the perfect gift for Daniel. Ugh! Christmas is anything but peaceful as Laila faces some unsavory characters, bad cologne, a stinky tavern, and a large stack of cash in a dead man's closet that would tempt anybody.Merry Christmas, Laila, if you survive it....