Author: Steph Young

Category: Horror

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People are going missing in the Woods; They are being taken, but by who, or what...?  True tales of horrifying, unexplained disappearances in the woods...The Woods will never be the same again...Bestselling author Steph Young has appeared on National radio shows including 'Coast to Coast Am.' People in the Woods are disappearing....  hikers missing in national parks, people lost to the woods - never to return, people taken....never found again...Natural predators can lurk in the wilderness; bears, mountain lions, cougars, and occasionally a hiker will be victim to these wild animals, who feed where they kill or drag their bloody victim to a nearby lair; they leave a trail that is obvious to searchers. But the victims in this book show no evidence of an animal attack. For these victims, there is no logical explanation....  only cryptic unexplained mysteries, enigma, and many unanswered questions...

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