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This book entitled, “Hormone Balance Diet Cookbook 2020: Ultimate Guide of Hormone Reset Diet| Upgrade Energy, Regain Strength, Less Inflammation, and Lose Weight Fast Stress-free Savory Crock-Pot Slow Cooking Recipes” is an extensive guide discussing not only the importance of a hormonal balance diet, but also the proper guidelines on how to go about it. It provides simple, delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes that will help you balance your hormones naturally.Hormones are more vital to health than most people realize. It is crucial to know all about the function of hormones and find out the most common causes of hormonal disruption. It also pays to learn the natural ways of restoring hormonal balance. All these can contribute to better overall health. And you are lucky to know all of these by reading this book!Here's a little snippet of what you're going to uncover in your copy of Hormone Balance Diet Cookbook:3 healthy and convenient reasons to start using a Crock-Pot for your meals today instead of the traditional slow cooking methodField-tested slow cooking tips to help you get started with this versatile device and get the most out of your Crock-Pot60 ridiculously mouthwatering recipes from breakfast and mains to seafood and snacks that are easy to prepareAll the recipes that you’ll find in this book are made using the crock-pot, a convenient cooking device ideal for busy people. This kitchen appliance cooks food slowly, bringing out intense flavors of ingredients. Each scrumptious recipe contained in the Hormone Balance Diet Cookbook has the following features to help you out:Easy-to-source ingredients: All the ingredients required for the recipes in this cookbook are the ones that you can conveniently find at your local farmer's market or grocery store. No exotic ingredients that are tricky to find and useNutritional facts: Each recipe in this cookbook has a list of micro and macronutrients to help you effectively keep track of what is going into your bodyPreparation and cooking time: All recipes come with an estimated preparation and cooking time to help you effectively plan and fit your culinary activities into your busy scheduleServing recommendations: Each recipe comes with a serving size suggestion to help prevent overeating and exceeding your caloric requirementsStep-by-step cooking instructions: Each recipe has detailed cooking directions to help you take the guesswork out of preparing amazing, slow-cooked meals every timeSo are you ready to get started? Grab your copy now!

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