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EDITED 3rd Edition - Published May 2017 With NEW and expanded material!Religion As You’ve Never Seen it BeforeA guide to all of the worlds great religions. ??? Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now! ???Embark on an exciting journey through history’s greatest Religions and Mythologies! From the Pharoahs of Egypt and their worship of the sun to the magnificence and splendor of the Greek Gods, history will jump off the page!Watch as History of Religion: An Overview of the most Important People and Events in World Religions, Mythologies and History of the Church jumps off the page and takes you step by step through the biggest moments of Religion in modern history! Discover both the differences and similarities between Religions that you have never known. Learn how culture shapes our idea of what God is, what our purpose is, and why some religions last, while others fade with fallen dynasties.Here’s some of what you’ll learn more about:Egyptian MythologyI Ching DynastyThe History of JerusalemNorse MythologyThe CrusadesThe Scandinavian VikingsThe Prophet MuhammadGreek Gods & MythsAnd so much more!By the end of this book you’ll have first hand knowledge of know the cultures and practices that make up these different doctrines and develop a more meaningful and significant understanding of your religion and others. Walk through the 6 major religions that shaped humanity and its identity, and learn more than you ever believed possible about how we have all tried to answer humanities great questions. Scroll up NOW to get your own copy, just click the BUY button.