Author: Madison Faye

Category: Erotic Romance

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She thinks it’s her who’s the hunter, and me the prey.She thinks she’s playing me in order to steal what she wants....She couldn’t be more wrong.Because tonight, it’s me who’ll be stealing her.Tonight, she’s mine.Dear little thief, I know what you came for. I know you thought it’d be easy. I know you thought I would be easy. Spoiler, it won’t be, and I’m not. You thought seducing me, and stealing a sample of my...seed, to sell on the black market would be a breeze. Except we both know you’ve never done anything with a man, let alone one as powerful, and rich, and obsessed as me. I know I should have you arrested. A man with my wealth and my power could ruin you with a snap of the fingers. But I won’t. Maybe it’s because you intrigue me, little one. Maybe it’s because I enjoy a challenge. Or maybe it’s just because you look so f-ing pretty on your knees saying “please, sir”. We’ll just have to find out. Let the games begin. Come and play, little thief. Come and play, so I can play with you.Ludicrously over-the-top, alpha as all get-out, sweet as pie, and 100% as naughty as you're thinking it's going to be. This is one thief who's about to meet her match, and get MUCH more than she bargained for ;).As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.