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Handsome, self-made, millionaire bachelor, Dante Champion is on a mission to make Emily Mitchell his wife by any means necessary - even if he has to lure her to Pleasure Island, hoping she'll fall in love with him. Too bad Emily's heart is not available for love. Two years after her husband Melvin passed, Emily is still grieving his death. She's buried herself in her work, in making her high-end boutique a success. She has no interest in dating again and she's definitely not about to be swept off her feet by one of those Champion brothers.***The Champion Brothers series books are all standalone books.***Book 1 - His Paradise Wife is Dante Champion's story. Book 2 - When A Champion Wants You is Dimitrius Champion's story. Book 3 - The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed is Desmond Champion's story.Book 4 - Wives And Champions is a family novel.Book 5 - The Way Champions Love is Harding Champion's story.Book 6 - His By Spring (A Champion Sister Story) - Zoya Champion