Author: M.L. Ray

Category: Erotic Romance

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Anouk:In just one moment everything was taken from me. My husband, my trust, my world.  One rainy day in London when I found out that my darling, my Shawn had another wife. Had children.The day I found out he was a liar.I fled, back to my hometown of Seattle, and I vowed never to let anyone that close to me again.But then he walked into my gallery… Knox Zapata.He’s arrogant, and he thinks he’s irresistible.But he’s never met someone like me before.This is my work, my solace and no playboy artist is going to ruin that for me.Not even one as gorgeous as Knox Zapata…Knox:I know it’s time I grew up. I’m almost forty, single and yeah, okay, my career is nearing its peak and I have all the money and women I could ever want…But this isn’t me. Not really.I miss my family. My brother, my twin-brother and my younger sister.My dad.I ran from the family, from the business he built from nothing, to become an artistAnd I did…But at what cost?Now I’m back home in Seattle and I want to be a part of something, something real…I never expected that something to be Anouk Devi.She called me out on my arrogance the first time we met and I knew, right there, that this was someone who would change my life.And she did.Anouk has her ghosts too and for the second time in my life, a woman I love is in terrible danger.Can I save her and in the process, save myself?

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