Author: Aileen Adams

Category: Historical Romance

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Three full-length Highland romances from author Aileen Adam’s Highland Heartbeats series. Purchase this limited edition boxed set or read for free in KINDLE UNLIMITED! A Soldier's Salvation Book Seven of the Highland Heartbeats Series!Forever seeking salvation…Rodric Anderson isn't a soldier anymore. Nay, many would refer to him as a mercenary-a soldier for hire. He's embroiled in a Duncan clan matter. He's also hunted by the authorities, wanted by women, and tied to none. He's a part of a band of brothers, all former soldiers, some outlaws, all who make themselves available for the right coin-sometimes, the right cause. One woman has caught his eye. A shrew of a woman. Why was it he could not get her out of his mind?Caitlin's hand has been given in marriage by her wretch of a stepfather to a man who is no less a wretch himself. Her only escape is to run away. Except that things are never quite so simple when it comes to choices. ***A Warrior's SoulBook Eight of the Highland Heartbeats Series!This warrior’s soul isn’t meant to be alone...Brice is a former warrior turned soldier of fortune hired to escort a Highland shrew to an Englishman.Alana’s the niece of a Highland laird betrothed to English royalty against her will. She’s hardheaded, fierce, and independent.He’s hellbent on delivering her to her destination. Until he discovers her destination is a version of hell he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, and certainly not on this spirited Highland lass.***An Outlaw's WordBook Nine of the Highland Heartbeats Series!Some words are meant forever…Ysmaine’s half Scottish, half French, all attitude and independence.Quinn’s a mercenary that needs more cash than the recent jobs have been providing. She’s got the means to money. He’s got a need for it. She’s not willing to do what needs to be done for the money. He’s willing to kidnap and hold her for ransom. Until…Until a Frenchman with a title and no morals steps into the picture. Now…Things have changed.