Author: Leland Gregory

Category: Humor

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Over 200 true stories of boneheadedness and buffoonery from the New York Times-bestselling author of Stupid History!
Former Saturday Night Live writer Leland Gregory has shown us gray matter-challenged examples in everything from the criminal world to the hallowed halls of government. This time, though, everyone, everywhere is fair game if they've exhibited outrageously stupid behavior. Consider:
* The forgetful fireman who left cooking oil on the stove and returned from a call to find the station house burned to the ground
* A lung cancer patient who caused an explosion when he lit up a cigarette—in his oxygen tent
* A 58-year-old billiards player who was suspended from competition after testing positive for a muscle-building hormone
* F. Edward Hebert, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, who said, “The only way we’ll get a volunteer army is to draft them”
Hey Idiot! lets everyone from bosses to public officials, doctors to sports heroes, skewer themselves with their moronic words and actions.