Author: Whitney Bausman

Category: Parenting & Family

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Toddlers are messy. Toddlers are moody. Toddlers have opinions and demands and emotions that flip from happy to hysterical in an instant. Essentially...toddlers are cats. And parenting them? Well, parenting toddlers is nonstop cat herding. 'Herding Cats' is an up-close, real-life look at the world of a toddler parent. A world of tantrums and potty training. A world of never-ending snot. A world of hilariously inappropriate comments, limitless growth, and perfectly timed "I love you's". From the author of 'Partly Sunny: An Honest and Humorous Look at the First Weeks of Bringing Home a Newborn' comes her toddler-filled follow-up. In this memoir bursting with laughter, commiseration, and encouragement, 'Herding Cats' empowers its readers to laugh off the toddler nonsense and find beauty in the midst of wrangling the most feral of felines.