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Discover 25 Ways To Use Medicinal Herbs For First Aid!If you are ready to find out how medicinal herbs can be used in your home for common first aid situations and preventative health, you have found the right book.Download today to learn 25 different ways to use herbal remedies as medicine, including each herb’s medicinal qualities, how to take the herb, and even hear my personal adventures with medicinal plants. Herbal First Aid Hacks: 25 Herbal Remedies For First Aid And Healthy Living I know first hand the powers of herbal remedies herbs when treating cuts, scrapes, bruises and a host of other first aid injuries and illnesses. As a practicing herbalist for over fifteen years, I have embraced herbal medicine and made it an integral part of first aid treatment in my home, at work, while traveling, or even in the car.Find out today how to unleash the power of medicinal herbs using tinctures, raw & cooked herbs, infused oils, teas, extracts, poultices, essential oils and capsules right at home as part of your own herbal first aid kit.You’ll find easy-to-follow details about how to make and use herbal remedies including:Clove Oil For EarachesMarshmallow Root Tea For Sore Throats Parsley Leaf Poultice For Bites & Stings Ginger Essential Oil For Travel Sickness Vervain Tincture For Nervous Exhaustion Meadowsweet Tea For HeadachesBecome familiar with powerful first aid medicinal herbs including:GoldensealSennaElderberryElecampanePrickly Ash BarkRhubarb Root……and many more!Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!