Author: Bree Livingston

Category: New Adult Romance

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A jaded heart. A secret identity. Nine days at sea. Can they charter a course for unexpected romance?Belle Evans thought her string of bad luck was changing when she won an all-expenses-paid cruise. Then, her ex-fiancé and her former best friend he cheated with show up on the same ship. Belle nearly buckles under the rough seas of emotional turmoil, until an opportunity presents itself in the form of a handsome suite neighbor with an easy laugh and charming smile. When Tristan Stone inherited his grandmother’s cruise line, he decided to get an inside look at how it was run by embarking on a voyage under the guise of an ordinary passenger. But the tide turns on what was meant to be a purely professional trip when the lovely Belle blurts out that Tristan’s her boyfriend.She needs a lifeline. He wants to blend in. Forced together by a mutually beneficial façade, they soon find the lines blurring between fact and fiction. Can real love blow in on a salty ocean breeze? Or will the illusion of what might have been fade when the ship reaches its port?From USA Today Bestselling Author Bree Livingston comes a clean romance perfect for your next poolside read!?????Other books by Bree Livingston:The Clean Billionaire Romance Series:1. Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend2. Her Second Chance Billionaire Sweetheart3. Her Broken Billionaire Boss4. Her Fake Billionaire Fiancé5. Her Stranded Billionaire Mix-Up6. Her Secret Billionaire Roommate7. Her Beastly Billionaire Rock StarA Sweet Fake Marriage Romance Series:1. Marrying the Cowboy2. Marrying the Star3. Marrying the Protector4. Marrying the Matchmaker5. Marrying the BeastA Clean Army Ranger Romance Series:1. The Ranger’s Chance2. The Ranger’s Peace3. The Ranger’s Heart4. The Ranger’s Hope5. The Ranger’s Forgiveness6. The Ranger’s DestinyA Clean Scottish Romance Series:1. Mending the Billionaire Movie Star2. Mending the Billionaire Scotsman3. Mending the Billionaire BrotherA Caprock Canyon Romance:1. The Best Friend’s Billionaire Brother2. The Fake Fiancé’s Billionaire Adversary3. The Housekeeper’s Billionaire Boss4. The Fake Girlfriend’s Billionaire Match5. The Jilted Bride’s Billionaire HusbandA Clean First Responders Romance:1. Firefighter’s Rescue2. Firefighter’s RiskPort Crest High School Romance:Tutoring the Bad BoySage Valley Romance Series:Inspired by the CowboyLuck Lake Short Reads Romance:1. The Billionaire’s Crush2. The Billionaire’s Second ChanceStand Alone Romances:Love and CharityThe Mistletoe Game: A Clean Christmas NovellaBroken Like GlassA Geek Girl’s Guide to Kissing a Video Gamer