Author: Barbara Gee

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Book 5 is the final book of the "Full Heart Ranch" series. Can be read as a stand-alone book, but reading books 1-4 will help with the back-story. No cliff-hanger.Vince has just completed the best hockey season of his career, made possible by a life-changing rehab stint at the Full Heart Ranch Veterans Retreat Center last summer. He’s grown to love both the ranch and the people, so when he's offered an opportunity to volunteer there, he immediately accepts. Why spend the off-season on a beach when he could be making a difference at such a great place?Callie isn’t all giddy like her friends, but she really is glad about Vince Abbot coming to volunteer at the retreat center. He's her very favorite hockey player, and the veterans will love having him around for the summer. It’s just that it's hard to get too excited about anything when you have a loved one who’s dying and you can’t imagine life without him. And so, while news of Vince’s imminent arrival is causing a huge stir at the center, Callie is too busy with her grandfather and her own volunteering to take much notice.Then she meets him.The attraction is instant, the obstacles numerous. Just when they’re getting things figured out, new trouble comes out of nowhere. A past Callie didn’t even know she had threatens everything. Including her life. They face fear and tough choices. Goodbyes and unknowns. Nothing’s easy, but love is worth it. And with God at the center, they have a fighting chance.