Author: Maribel Fox

Category: Paranormal Romance

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I’m a perfectly normal twenty-one year old, ask anyone! I spend my days working, chasing my little brother, and hanging with my best friend, Rue. Nothing ever happens in our little town, and that’s the way I like it. Which is why I do my best to ignore the mysterious new regular at the bar — Rue thinks I should take him for a ride, but I’m not so sure I’d survive.They think I’m not payin’ attention, but I always am. Always waiting for an attack. Fae don’t get to be my age without being paranoid, grizzled bastards. Plenty of people have tried to kill me — not an insignificant number of them from Heaven.His friend is gorgeous too, but so sophisticated — I doubt I’ve got a chance in hell with him.“What about the girl?” I ask, eyes traveling back to Ava, admiring the stubborn slant of her brow. She’s the kind of feisty woman that’s hard to crack, but so satisfying when they finally submit.Of course, I could always team up with the IRS agent who’s investigating them. I don’t want to snitch on my customers, but how can I turn away a man that looks that good in a suit?The story never changes. Humans are always reactive, barbaric, requiring far too much care and finesse for my liking. Luckily, there is another part of humans that never changes — respect for authority.Did the door just slam? Crap. I may as well admit it — I’ve got the hots for FOUR different men!I should’ve had the sense to walk into this place quietly, to take stock of things before making my presence known. If I’d walked in quietly, I could’ve backed out just as quiet, no one the wiser.~ ~ ~The shops are charming, the residents are gorgeous, and the beer is hot cold. Welcome to Lupine Bay — a beach town so enthralling you’ll just have to stay!Author's Note: This is a light-hearted, medium-burn, “why choose” novel. It contains sex, magic, profanity, humor, arrogant men, blasphemy, and a bird with teeth. Intended for audiences eighteen years and older.