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Expressing artistic creativity has incredible healing powers.Believe it or not everyone can be artistically creative.Some people discover how to express their creativity, but most don't.Pick up this book and you'll discover step-by-step how to start or grow a creativity practice for personal development while soothing yourself during the tough times. Heartwork Journaling began as a way to use simple doodles and paints to help me get through challenging times. Over the years, sharing this gave other people healing and empowerment too. Now I'm excited to share it with you! Open this book and get ready for play, healing, fun and self-discovery. You'll learn about using supplies (including what you already have in your home) and what art supplies to get to kick start your journey of self growth through creativity.There are 8 step-by-step in depth Heartwork Journaling lessons. You'll also learn: how to do quick soothing color meditations for stress relief (soothing swatches chapter) find the gifts in failure (lesson 1) not comparing yourself with others (lesson 1) cultivating self-compassion instead of self-criticism (lesson 1) how to look directly at your fears and get them on board with doing uncomfortable things in order to grow and evolve (lesson 2) fun intention setting (lesson 3) how to be your own hero (lesson 4) how to deal with "difficult" people in your life without trying to change them(lesson 5) gratitude and appreciation - the differences and how to amplify both (lesson 6) growing self-love (lesson 7) defining boundaries and expectations in relationships (lesson 8)Even if you THINK you're not creative, pick up this book and together let's reignite the creative and playful you on your journey of self-growth. It's NOT about your artwork, it's about your HEARTwork. This book is focused on self growth, self-help and creating positive change in your life through the fun, healing and playful medium of creativity. Download Heartwork Journaling Now!

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