Author: Carry Lowe

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***A Full Length, Standalone Novel***Sunny knows how to keep her head down. She goes to school, and straight back home. There's a gang war brewing in her neighborhood of Bronx, New York, and she wants no part of it.Too bad her twin sister, Rain, has a knack for trouble, and brings the war right to Sunny's door. Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, leaves them with two choices; join the gang or die.It's a simple decision really, when you think about it.But being in one of the most vicious gangs in New York is anything but simple. And the twins have to learn how to navigate these bloody waters. They'll have to learn to stand strong, or be put down.Fortunately for them, two of the most ruthless men in the gang, are willing to help them find their way. But these men were raised in the streets, growing up on a steady diet of blood and murder, they are more accustomed to pulling triggers, and burying bodies, than matters of the heart.But as they teach Sunny and Rain a few things about the more brutal parts of life, they'll learn a few in return, and maybe one of them is how it feels to fall in love.