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Kidney failure is not a verdict.After a horrible hospital stay riddled with plenty of pills and hard procedures, the author started his research.He started studying himself as a patient to first understand the kidney disease before creating the optimal Renal diet balance that would benefit his good health and make his body pain free.This Healthy Kidney Cookbook is presenting simple healthy recipes of delicious mains that are easy for beginners to cook with no leaving chef masters indifferent to proposed by the author his unique cooking style.Readers will become aware of the key values of the Renal diet based on the Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low Phosphorus essential food intakes capable to satisfy daily requirements of an organism with preserving cooking taste varieties and diversities.Getting to know your kidney disease better, listening to your body’s needs more carefully, and eating the healthier as well as delicious food is the main and essential key to your fulfilling healthy life.

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