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Sci Fi stories have a unique place in the world of fiction. They contain all the imaginative elements that all fiction contains, and requires – but they have one element that none others have. And that one element elevates them, in some people’s minds, to a higher status of creativity – to the status of prediction, of prophecy, and of creative theoretical science itself. The best science fiction books do more than simply spin a yarn (although there are very many great story tellers in the sci fi book world) – they stretch, imaginatively, into scientific knowledge as it stands today and imagines where that knowledge may take us tomorrow. And then they make it human – and, therefore, ‘real’.

What will I find in a ‘Health or Self-Help’ Book?

Fantasy Novels  contain unrealistic settings, or magic, and are often set in a medieval universe, or involve mythical or magical beings as a primary element of the plot, theme, or setting. Magic is a mainstay of fantasy, in the setting or plot, or being practiced by the characters. Fantasy stories are closely related to fairy stories and couldn’t happen in real life.

Some examples of books you’ll find in this category, are: J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings; T.H. White’s The Once and Future King; George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones…

Back in 1953, in what was still the early days of the Science Fiction genre, the great sci fi author Isaac Asimov defined it as “that branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings”. It is a branch of literature which has grown exponentially, hand-in-hand with the growth of human advances in science and technology and, by the 1970s its purpose, as evidenced in the new style of writing that had developed, had matured into one which wasn’t only concerned with science, but with consequences of scientific and technological advancement. Sci fi author Pamela Sargent then defined it as “the literature of ideas.”

But even that definition doesn’t go far enough. ‘Ideas’ and ‘consequences of ideas’ are now, almost too-limited a way of looking at what science fiction has become. Not only do authors project the advancement of science into the future and calculate the consequences – they assess, in advance, the moral consequences of these advances. They seek to pre-empt the kind of philosophical, moral and ethical issues that might ensue, and consider how to react. Or how our philosophical reasoning might also advance, along with technologies. As such, the best science fiction books are works of the philosophy of technology, and ethics. As new scientists, studying at university, have their work and theories swayed by the latest sci fi novel they read – so, philosophers may find themselves re-reading the self-same novels to obtain a head-start on the new frontiers of philosophy.

But not all science fiction is heavy with tech and theses on the human condition! There is something for everyone in this wide and deep genre of ideas. For pure action and adventure enthusiasts, thriller aficionados, and those wishing to, simply, be entertained – there are books and authors a plenty to go around. And you can start by looking in our list of books below…

Science Fiction Books - Dune by Frank Herbert

The Book which ‘changed the way people all over the world eat’: The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell

Science Fiction Books - Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

The Book which ‘changed the way people all over the world think’: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Max Brooks Discusses World War Z and Dystopian / Apocalyptic Fiction

I found this video quite interesting and thought I’d share it here: if you haven’t read the China Study, or if you read it but can’t remember the necessary details, the speaker in this video does a very good job of summarising it for you.

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The Oxygen Advantage

A simple yet revolutionary approach to improving your body’s oxygen use, increasing your health, weight loss, and sports performance—whether you’re a recovering couch potato or an Ironman triathlon champion. With a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Dr....

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Looking for Spinoza

A famed neuroscientist explores the emotions that make life worth living in “clear, accessible, and at times eloquent prose” (San Francisco Chronicle).   In the seventeenth century, the philosopher Spinoza examined the role emotion played in human survival and...

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The Autoimmune Solution

Over 90 percent of the population suffers from inflammation or an autoimmune disorder. Until now, conventional medicine has said there is no cure. Minor irritations like rashes and runny noses are ignored, while chronic and debilitating diseases like Crohn's and...

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Conversation Casanova

Discover How to Master Conversation, Connect With Women, and Drastically Improve Your Dating Life... What if you could effortlessly strike up a conversation with any women, at any time, in any environment?What if you knew exactly how to keep the conversation going (so...

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Love Loss Light

2019 CIPA EVVY Award Second Place in Self-Help2019 CIPA EVVY Award Second Place in Motivational/Inspirational2019 CIPA EVVY Award First Place in Cover IllustrationMoving and inspirational. A beacon of hope for anyone struggling with grief. Karen Trench shares a...

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Bulging Biceps & Carved Triceps

Fired Up Body Series - Carved Triceps & Bulging Biceps: Fired Up Body Series - Vol 5 & 6Paul Martin & William O'Brien have over 27 years experience in health & fitness and finally decided to open their vast array of knowledge to the public again. After many years of...

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Champion Life

10 Powerful Life Lessons to Overcome Life's Challenges and Be the Champion of Your Life! The lessons you will learn in less than 60 minutes, many people fail to learn in 60 years! In this book, the author shares valuable lessons learned the hard way. He shares how due...

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The Power of Sex Uality

Woman is love Woman is a pleasure Woman is sexuality Woman is passion Woman is the energy of healing and creation Most women, just need to remember who they are regarding their Divine essence and heal themselves through reunion with their Divine nature. One of the...

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The Oxygen Advantage

A simple yet revolutionary approach to improving your body's oxygen use, increasing your health, weight loss, and sports performance -- whether you're a recovering couch potato or an Ironman triathlon champion. With a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Dr....

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Weight Management & Your Health

Want to improve your life without dieting? Let's face it - at one time or another, most women experience weight gain, yo-yo dieting, successes and failures when it comes to maintaining weight long term. Many of us struggle through life with eating disorders that...

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Personality Types

The Enneagram is an extraordinary framework for understanding more about ourselves. No matter from which point of view we approach it, we discover fresh conjunctions of new and old ideas." So writes Don Riso in this expanded edition of his classic interpretation of...

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Brain Lock

The 20th anniversary edition of the definitive classic on defeating obsessive-compulsive behavior, with all-new material from the author. An estimated 5 million Americans suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and live diminished lives in which they are...

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Bright Line Eating

Bright Line Eating has helped thousands of people from over 75 countries lose all their excess weight and keep it off. Are you ready to join them? In this book, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. shares the groundbreaking weight-loss solution based on her highly acclaimed...

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The Relaxation Response

For the first time, the ebook includes a video of Dr. Benson teaching how to elicit the relaxation response. This video allows the reader to access his or her innate capacity to counteract the harmful effects of stress.When Dr. Herbert Benson introduced this simple,...

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How to Survive Depression

How to Survive Depression is the first book in the “How to Survive Series”. This empowering self-help book offers the reader hope, inspiration, encouragement, insight, and tips on how to cope. The author aims to connect with readers on a deeper level. She has both...

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The Art of Living

Epictetus was born into slavery about 55 ce in the eastern outreaches of the Roman Empire. Once freed, he established an influential school of Stoic philosophy, stressing that human beings cannot control life, only their responses to it. By putting into practice the...

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PLEASE NOTE: You DON'T need a Kindle to buy this book. It's available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader.A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Change to Healthy Lifestyle? Yes! With Rah Zahni’s Vegan: Vegan Diet Plan To Clean Mind, Body and...

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The End of Alzheimer’s

The instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller A groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer's Disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline. Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but until now no one knows...

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Powers of Two

The power of collaboration, from Lennon and McCartney to Wozniak and Jobs: "An inspiring book that also happens to be a great read" (Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive). Throughout history, partners have buoyed each other to better work -- though often one member is...

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How Come My Son Is Younger Than My Grandson

Want to have long sex? Do you want to have a powerful potency and a long erection? Follow the author's proven methodology, and regardless of age, your excellent male power will please not only you! The author has composed a set of health-improving techniques, which...

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The Philadelphia Chromosome

The discovery of a cancer-causing genetic mutation leads to a lifesaving miracle drug in this "absorbing, complex medical detective story" (Kirkus Reviews). Philadelphia, 1959. A scientist scrutinizing a single human cell detects a missing piece of DNA. That...

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Hi, I’m Gloom. I don’t always see things the way other people do. My world is a little different. It’s dark sometimes, sometimes it’s light, and sometimes... it’s just strange. If you’re interested, I’m willing to take you along on a journey to see the world through...

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Chakra Healing & Crystal Healing for Beginners

Chakra Healing for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Balancing, Healing, and Unblocking Your Chakras While Gaining Health and Positive Energy & Crystal Healing for Beginners: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Understanding and Using Healing Crystals and Stones: their...

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A Grace Disguised

With vulnerability and honesty, Jerry Sittser walks through his own grief and loss to show that new life is possible - one marked by spiritual depth, joy, compassion, and a deeper appreciation of simple blessings. Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a...

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Gorilla Mindset

To get more out of life, you must get more out of yourself. You must take personal responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. You must stop blaming the system. Your days of looking outside of yourself for answers are gone. An international best-seller, Gorilla...

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Mind Over Medicine

We’ve been led to believe that when we get sick, it’s our genetics. Or it’s just bad luck—and doctors alone hold the keys to optimal health. For years, Lissa Rankin, M.D., believed the same. But when her own health started to suffer, and she turned to Western medical...

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Chakra Balancing Made Simple and Easy

***You can get this author’s latest video series, The 3 Day Emotional Detox for free - go to the author's website to find out more*** Your Essential Guide to Chakra Balancing Chakra balancing is a simple, safe, effective, non-invasive, and super easy healing technique...

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Warrior Pose: How Yoga Saved My Life

"An amazing journey through war zones and global crises... [and] an inner journey of profound self healing and personal transformation" (Felicia Tomasko, editor-in-chief, LA Yoga Magazine). At the pinnacle of his career as a foreign correspondent, a broken back and...

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Survival Lessons

The bestselling author and cancer survivor delivers "an optimistic instruction manual... [for] anyone struggling with self-care in a time of trouble" (Story Circle Book Reviews). Survival Lessons provides a road map of how to reclaim your life from this day forward,...

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Dark Psychology

This book contains proven steps and strategies and you will understand the most common triggers and methods people and brands are using on you to influence your decision-making process and force the action or response they want. It's time to turn the tables and learn...

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Running on Empty

This informative guide helps you identify and heal from childhood emotional neglect so you can be more connected and emotionally present in your life. Do you sometimes feel like you're just going through the motions in life? Do you often act like you're fine when you...

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