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?The Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook is the ultimate Harry Potter Cookbook With Butterbeer and 39 Other Great Cocktails. ?From the magical world of Harry Potter to your goblet, The Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook will share with you some of the best potions, concoctions, brews, and infusions.Gather ‘round, cocktail-loving cronies! We want to tell the tale about potion-making.According to Professor Snape, a good potion can "bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses". You can "bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death," if you know what you're doing. While some of these goals are a little out of range to us Muggles, a good time is not. So here are some recipes that will get you drunk, honor the wizard within, and hopefully earn you some serious house points. No wands or cauldrons are necessary to make these Harry Potter alcoholic drinks!One of the most magical things about the JK Rowling series is how very believable the food and drinks sound. No doubt about it, the Wizarding World is a foodie paradise. And while countless muggles have tried to recreate the drinks, we’ve got secret recipes that rival even those of the Harry Potter Restaurant — and you won’t need an Ollivanders magic wand to pull them off. So, round up your gang of wizards and muggles, and prepare for some serious mixologist sorcery.? Here are 40 Harry Potter cocktails that will teleport you to the heart at the Hogshead Pub without the magic of Floo Powder. ?? Get your brew on with these fantastic recipes!Scroll up and discover the magic potions based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! ??Tags: Hogwarts library, Harry Potter DIY, Harry Potter craft, Harry potter spellbook, The Art Of Potion-Making, harry potter DIY, harry potter diy crafts, Harry Potter Jokes, harry potter spellbook all spells, harry potter cookbook butterbeer, Harry Potter Cookbook With Butterbeer, harry potter cookbook set, harry potter cookbook recipes, Harry Potter Cookbook, harry potter cookbook hardcover, harry potter cocktail cookbook