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Harmony Jones is a beautiful, plus-sized woman that experiences heartache with her ex-boyfriend, Bruce for the last time and decides she’s done with him and love. Although, she’s smart, educated and highly motivated when it comes to her career, she lacks confidence in herself when it comes to meeting the right man, thinking Bruce was the best she could get. All that changes when she meets and falls in love with Jamaal Black, an up and coming R&B singer who has a thing for plus-size women. He also falls for Harmony the first time they meet, but in the beginning, she has a hard time believing someone like Jamaal could want her and her self-esteems issues tend to get in the way of their relationship, especially when Jamaal’s ex, Kiara tries to come between them.Harmony and her friends, Tracey, Simone and Kristen, each have their own issues and life-changing situations they have to deal with. Tracey, who is also best friends with Jamaal, has secretly been seeing Josh for almost a year and she’s been afraid to tell her family and friends because Josh is white. Because she’s reluctant to tell everyone about him, Josh decides they should take a break. Tracey runs into an old friend from college and starts to develop feelings for him. Now she needs to decide who it is she wants… Simone is not one of Harmony’s favorite people because of her arrogance and snobbish behavior. While she seems confident and put together on the outside, she’s actually a hopeless romantic who spends all of her time looking for Mr. Right. Simone harbors a dark secret that even Kristen, her best friend, doesn’t know about. Her desperate attempt to find love could cost her in the worst way…Kristen, Simone’s lesbian friend, pretends to be tough, but has a big heart when it comes to the people she cares about. She also has a secret of her own; her love for her best friend, Simone, who’s unaware of Kristen’s feelings for her.The four friends juggle their careers, families and any troubles that comes their way as the try to stay on top of their love lives one way or another. Will they each get their happy ending when it’s all said and done?

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