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Help your kids bust stress, boost their mood, and be happy! This children's personal development book is packed with creative coping skills for kids and will guide you on the journey. Children's Personal GrowthOriginal rhymes, colorful pictures, and illustrated actions aid kids in learning and practicing ten engaging, coping skills. The next time that your child feels anxious, sad, or mad, he or she can use these bright ideas to feel glad. This children's self-help book includes a bonus, coping skills workbook. Parents will learn how coping skills work, practice feelings identification activities with their kids, and discover creative ideas for helping their children use coping skills throughout the week. Happy ChildrenThis book teaches ten coping skills for happy children. Every skill is introduced with a simple rhyme. Colorful illustrations demonstrate how each coping skill is done and encourage kids to follow along with the characters in the book. Happy children know how to put these happy skills into practice. The parenting chapter and the end of the book provide additional information on how coping skills work and ideas for helping kids get the most out of each idea. Children's Personal DevelopmentKids will love the colorful pictures, creative rhymes, and engaging actions. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to help children brighten their mood and be happy. This combination of a children's personal development book and parenting book is perfect for parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Its aims to help kids ages 2-8 to practice new coping skills, reduce anxiety, and feel happier! Coping Skills For KidsDon't just hope and wait for positive change to happen. Instead, help your children be happy!Happy children know how to cope with stress. Happy children know how to manage difficult feelings when they arise. And happy children have loads of fun!Encourage your kids to be happy with this hands-on children's personal growth book that both parents and kids will love! If you enjoy the Joy Berry books or Train Your Angry Dragon, then you won't want to miss, Happy Skills For Happy Kids!