Handle with Prayer by Alan Cohen

Author: Alan Cohen

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Bestselling author and Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor offers a wealth of insights on deepening our prayer—and bringing our dreams to life.
In a friendly yet profoundly moving way, Alan Cohen guides readers to create real and lasting changes in their health, prosperity, relationships, and spiritual paths. Prayer, we discover, is a magnificent adventure in manifesting miracles and creating the life of our heart’s desire.
In this inspiring book, Alan gives you the formula for making your dreams come true, teaching you that enthusiasm generates creativity. His formula is: Desire + Belief = Results.
“Desire is the engine that drives spontaneous visioning,” he writes. “When you are enthusiastic, you are linked with the divine. Joy is the pipeline to heaven, and if you keep your channel open and flowing, you will bring heaven to earth."
Those new to prayer, as well as experienced practitioners, will be bolstered and illuminated by this fresh and timely text, which takes prayer out of the domain of rote obligation, and delivers it to its rightful place as our most powerful and practical tool to manifest our destiny.