Author: Jenni Basch

Category: Parenting & Family

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Can a desperate mother save her daughter? Radical brain surgery is the only hope.

At nine months pregnant, Jenni Basch learns that her unborn baby experienced a catastrophic brain injury and may not survive. Against insurmountable odds, her daughter survives and Jenni is faced with raising a child with complex medical issues.

When her daughter is diagnosed with a devastating form of epilepsy, Jenni and her husband must make the ultimate decision on behalf of their daughter. In order to save her, they must consent to a radical surgery, the removal of half the brain. 

With candor and wit, Jenni introduces us to a world usually unseen and misunderstood. Half A Brain provides an extraordinary account of a mom raising a child with special needs.

Through each terrifying diagnosis and crisis, Jenni must face and confront her own insecurities, fears, judgments, and inexperience. But even when all hope seems lost, she finds a strength she never imagined possible. 

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