Author: Laurel Wanrow

Category: Fantasy

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Without him...they will die.

At sixteen, Cor can protect trees with his magic, but his lonely life is full of secrets. He could accept a role in the family business in the city, but his magic draws him to a hidden island of ancient pines. They. Are. Brilliant. And on the brink of extinction. Cor can save them, if only the elders will let him help.

Is it his youth? Or because he's different?

When he befriends Oyster, an island boy waging his own quiet battle, things get freakin’ harder. Cor’s struggle to understand the magical power of the massive pines is just as challenging as discovering his even more powerful feelings for Oyster.

If Cor wants to save the Pines and not lose Oyster, he will have to do something he’s never done—let Oyster and the others see who he really is.

GUARDIAN OF THE PINES joins new wizards with old friends as a generation of magic-wielders restores its connections to nature and community.

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